Constant Spring Hangers & Supports

AAA SUPPORT PVT LTD. is specialized in designing and manufacturing of Constant spring hangers & Supports with its accessories. Our comprehensive service includes the supply of a wide range of Constant Spring Hangers & Supports equipment .Existing facilities for the design and supply of any special Constant Spring Hangers & Supports fabricated and in a wide range of materials to suit the customer's requirement. Designing and manufacturing system are controlled documents system incorporated in our quality assurance and quality control plan.

Constant Spring Hangers & Supports we offered with

  • Ancilllary Equipment
  • Beam Brecket
  • Turn Buckle
  • Hanger Rod
  • Pipe Clamp
  • Riser Clamp
  • U-Clamp
  • Eye Nut
  • Roller, Anchor & Slider (Ptfe/Graphite/Ball)

Constant Spring Support

Constant spring support is specially used to accommodate constant effort load, excessive movement of the pipeline due to high temperature and pressure of thermal movement. Constant load takes place through its range by a perfect counter balance crank lever where load and spring movements through the pivot ensure the minimum kinetic variation.


We offer twenty size of group A, B & C and three series prefixed CS-1, CS-2 & CS-3 for both horizontal and vertical modal. Twenty sizes Constant spring support allows a load range from 25Kg. to 13000Kgs. And maintains a travel range upto 330mm.

Special Range/Design

Apart from our specified standard design and range of product, we undertake jobs specially designed by us to fulfill client's requirement i.e. constant spring support can supply more load/travel than that provided in our standard selection table. Special type of fixing arrangement can be designed apart from our standard. Constant Spring Hangers & Supports we could design and Manufactured in Vertical Spring Drum Also.

Load Adjustment

The load adjuster allows for an increase or decrease of load carrying capacity of plus or minus 10 % of the mean load. Rotating the load adjuster nut in the appropriate direction will increase or decrease the load accordingly.


It also takes 5°co-linear displacement


Each and every Constant spring support is pre-setted prior to dispatch. The pre-set pin must be removed before the entire system comes into operation and following the erection instruction.

Safety Device

Double fold action 'Travel Stops' for controlling the required travel as well as resisting excessive load creating impact on the support is provided in each and every Constant spring support.

Indicator & Reference Mark

Each Constant spring support is provided with a travel indicator, which indicates the position of movement of the pipeline. I.e. low, medium and high. An elaborate introductory plate is also provided on the surface of the support, which indicates client reference mark/tag no., operating load, total travel, our reference etc.


Acceptance Limit

Where, L Max=Maximum load recorded (Kg.) and L Min=Minimum load recorded (Kg.)

Method of Selection

Standard / Design Principles

Designing, manufacturing dimensions of component and material properties are in accordance with appropriate standards and approved rate of techniques. The following standards have been taken into consideration.

BS 1726 Part 1 Coil Springs
BS 3974 Part 1,2&3 Pipe Supports, Slider & Ancillaries
MSS SP 58 Pipe Hangers Supports (Materials Design & Manufacturing)
MSS SP 69 Pipe Hangers Supports(Selection & Application)
ANSI B 31.3 Petroleum Refinery Piping
ANSI B 31.1 Power Piping
DIN 2092 & 2093 Disc Spring

Deigning & dimensions are subjected to change due to continuous up gradation & improvement of our product.

Ordering Information

  • Value of operating or hot load on pipeline.
  • Value of Travel or movement and it direction towards cold position to hot position.
  • Modal or type of hangar as shown 'A' to 'G'/'AC' to 'GC'/'AH' to 'FH'/'AV' to 'FV' or figure no.
  • Value of pre-set or cold load on the pipeline
  • Type & size of attachment (if required)
  • Temperature of pipeline(if required)

Quality Control / Inspection

All springs are tested as per BS-1726 part-1/ASTM A125.Each and every spring support is subjected to some rigorous internal inspection at our end and there after offered to the inspecting officer of the Clint/inspection agency concerned for final inspection of required load and travel in our sophisticated testing machine as per approved Quality Assurance Plan & Drawing. All test certificates shall be provided for client verification.


SPRING EN-42 or IS-4454 Part-1 Gr-II upto Ø12mm & EN-45/EN-47-ABOVE Ø12mm.
CASING IS-1239/3589(medium) & IS-2062
HANGER ROD Carbon steel to IS-2062 Gr A/B
TOP LUG Carbon steel to IS-2062 Gr A/B
BEAM ATTACHMENT Carbon steel to IS-2062 Gr A/B
TURN BUCKLE Carbon steel to IS-1875 Gr CL-2(Forged) upto M30
PIPE TB (SA 106 Gr B) Carbon steel to IS-2062 Gr A/B (Machined) above M30
PIPE CLAMP, SHOE & U-BOLT Carbon steel to IS-2062 Gr A/B upto Temperature 350°C
  Alloy steel to 1%Cr., 0.5%Mo (ASTM A182 F11) upto Temperature 470°C
  Alloy steel to 2%Cr., 1%Mo (ASTM A182 F22) upto Temperature 550°C
  Stainless steel to AISI 304/316/321 above temperature 550°C
BOLT /STUD & NUT Carbon steel to IS-1363/67 CL-4.6/4.0 upto Temperature 340°C
  Alloy steel to A193 Gr.B7/A194Gr.2H upto Temperature 470°C
  Alloy steel to A193 B16/A194 Gr.4 upto Temperature 550°C
  Stainless steel to A193 B8/A194 Gr.8 above Temperature 550°C
PLATE/ST.STEEL Carbon steel to IS-2062 Gr A/B
LOW FRICTION PAD PTFE upto Temperature 210°C
  Graphite upto Temperature 550°C
STEEL BALL Carbon steel upto Temperature 350°C
  Stainless steel upto Temperature 550°C
Our Standard Two Coats Of Zinc Chromate Red/Grey oxide primer IS:2074 and one coat Of Finish enamel paint to IS-5:1973
On Request Spring to be PU / Neo-prene rubber coating.
Casing & component to be hot dip galvanized to IS: 2629/A153/A123 except threaded portion.
Epoxy zinc phosphate primer & high build epoxy finish.
Threaded component shell be electro zinc coated to ASTM B633/B76
Threaded component shell be electro zinc coated to ASTM B633/B76
MARKING Each and every variable & constant supports are fitted with a metallic load travel scale cum name plate on which all references are punched Such as Cold & Hot Load, Travel, Support Tag Number, Size etc. All items of ancillary equipment are clearly identified with Clint's tag number.
PACKING Each and every spring support and its ancillary equipment are properly packed in Wooden Box/Crate. Packing list shall indicate contain of item against respective box no.


Each and spring support /hanger assembly is guaranteed for a period of 18 month from the date of supply or 12 months from the date of commissioning, whichever is earlier. We shall replace with free of charges if any materials, which owing to defect in raw materials or workmanship, should fail within guaranteed period.

Installation Instruction

Fix the spring support in accordance with your pipeline drawing maintaining Tag No. if required adjustment can be made by twisting turnbuckle for hanging type or threaded load column pipe for bottom supported type, till if comes to the mark indicating the pre-setting cold load.

All variable and constant spring supports are locked in cold/pre-set load. Variable spring supports are locked by side studs & nuts from either side for constant spring supports by a pin, both of which are indicated by an arrow mark. After application of the hydrostatic load and before the pipe line comes into operation, pre-set locking arrangement are to be removed to take care of thermal movement & pipe load.

Height adjustment by twisting of turnbuckle or threaded load column pipe should not be made in loaded condition. Erection & pre-set removal instruction writ up are pasted separately on variable and constant spring box.

Constant Spring Supports - F Type
Constant Spring Supports - F Type
Constant Spring Hangers - B Type
Constant Spring Hangers - B Type