Product Overview

AAA Supports Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company do the Design, Engineering and manufacturing of SPRING HANGERS Also known as PIPE HANGERS, SPRING SUPPORTS SYSTEMS) in accordance with the applicable ANSI/ASME Codes for Pressure Piping, MSS Standards SP-58 and SP-69 specifications pipe supports. Quality is designed and built into every product of SPRING HANGERS. Specially designed and manufactured constant or variable units are

Please find below brief about our products:

Variable Spring Hangers and Supports, also known as Pipe Hangers & Supports

Variable spring hangers are provided in seven canister types and four series to support loads ranging from 13.0 kg to 27,000 Kilograms. An inventory of assemble variable spring hangers and rigid hanger components ready for assembly are maintained to enable AAA Supports to respond promptly to our customers' needs.

Variable Spring Supports - F Type
Variable Spring Supports - F Type
Variable Spring Hangers - B Type
Variable Spring Hangers - B Type

Constant Spring Hangers & Supports
Constant Spring Hangers & Supports

Constant spring hangers are provided in the horizontal, vertical and up thrust canister types in range of sizes supporting loads from 20 Kilograms to 15,000 Kilograms. Constant spring hangers are available with in specified (contract time) in prime, shop or custom paint finish or with Hot Dip Galvanized.

Hair Pin Tube Spring Hangers for Reformer
Hair Pin Tube Spring Hangers for Reformer

We had designed, Manufactured and Tested and Inspected (Materials used SA 240 Gr. 304) HAIR PIN TUBE SPRING HANGERS FOR REFORMERS for PETROCHEMICAL COMPLEX in INDIA under the BVIS Inspection. Qty More than 100 Nos

Rigid Sway Strut Assemblies

AAA Supports Pvt. Ltd. has developed and Supply to keep the 17 Mtr Long Silo's Straight during high wind load.

Sway Brace Assemblies

AAA Supports Pvt. Ltd. Is developing a standard line of sway brace assemblies capable of handling loads up to 4000 kgs. and pipe diameters up to 42".


For absorbing thrust associated with the release of blow off valves which may cause immediate or accumulative damage to piping or equipment. For use with piping subjected to shock, sway or vibration caused by earthquake, water hammer, or other transient forces.

Rigid Hanger

Various type of Rigid Hangers Assembly designed and supplied for Critical applications. Supplied to Two to Five Parallel Pipeline in single rigid hanging position for 800 MW Unit Power Plant. Also supplied to ONSHORE Applications.

Rigid Hanger and Pipe Hangers Ancillary items for Connecting The Pipelines

AAA Supports maintains a large stock of rigid hanger components, in both black and hot dip galvanized finishes, including rods eye rods, weld less eye nuts, forged steel clevises, forged steel turnbuckles, two and three bolt pipe clamps, riser clamps, special clamps, pipe straps, clevis hangers, beam attachment , welded beam attachments, welding lugs, U-bolts, bolts, nuts, washers . Individual hanger components may be shipped in bulk or AAA Support staff can assemble hangers as required and ship to your jobsite in a timely fashion.

Heavy and Light Pipe Clamps for Spring Hangers & Rigid Hangers and Special Railway Bridge Pipe Line Applications

Single Bolt Pipe Clamps, Two Bolt Pipe Clamps (Light and Heavy Duty) with or without insulation line for Spring Hangers / Pipe Hangers and Rigid Hangers supplied are manufactured and supplied to various customer in INDIA and export.

Pipe Holding Clamps for Cold Line (Oil & Gas Sector), U Bolts (HT) and Pipe Clamps for Cryogenic Application

This clamps designed and develop in single piece without any welding for Cold Line application for Coal Gasification plant in INDIA.

Adjustable Pipe Supports System

AAA Supports designed special type of Adjustable Pipe Supports system for low to high installation area. More details will be available on request.

Custom Fabricated Pipe Shoe

For hot piping systems, AAA Supports offers designs from the standard T-bar shoe to several reinforced shoe designs for welding to the pipe. Where welding to the pipe is not permitted, we offer several designs of u-bolted and clamped shoes.

Machined Turn Buckle (for size M36 and above)

Designed, Tested, Inspected and Supplied to various customer for their requirement for Heavy Loads. Machined Turnbuckle has been developed with single piece of solid round bar.

Miscellaneous Fabrication and Machine Job

Fabrication of Structural Supports System up to 2 ton weight is also been carried out in house with expert of welding Area and strict quality Norms, Lot of Structural supports has been fabricated and supplied to M/s L&T MHI Turbine Generators Pvt. Ltd for their various power projects.

  • Adjustable Stands
  • Instrument Stands
  • U-Bolt Angle Stands
  • Dummy Legs